"Our mission is to build an enduring legacy of beautiful art and music in the greater Charlotte area

through community involvement and by encouraging young and emerging artists and musicians

with grants, scholarships, and performance and teaching opportunities."

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A Letter from our President…

Dear Supporter,

    I cannot imagine life without the beauty of art and music. I treasure the beauty of music, from the sounds of bird songs in my backyard, to the fantastic symphonic performances played by our renowned local orchestra, to the sweet melody played by one of my youngest piano students. I deeply love and value art. On many occasions, I have been moved to tears by the sight of a painting, struck by its beauty or overwhelmed by its power. Our lives were meant to be filled with the background of harmonic melodies and a canvas of illuminating colors.  Art and music are threads that weave our lives together day by day. Together, they connect us with our past and preserve us for the future. 

    I believe that beautiful art and music are able to touch the deepest parts of our hearts and change lives for the better. I believe this so much that I have committed my life's work to help support young artists and musicians.  I want them to experience all that art and music have to offer them now and for generations to come.

    In 2008, with the assistance of a hardworking volunteer board, we founded The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Handcrafted Art, Inc. 501(c)(3). We offer grants and scholarships to art and music students. These grants provide funds for private lessons, summer programs, instruments and art supplies. The Foundation is supported by private and corporate donations, through grants and from our annual fundraising events. Gifts as small as $25 can pay for a student’s art or music lesson. Larger gifts of $250 can pay for an entire semester! The economy should never be an obstacle to seeing a child's love and desire for the arts be fulfilled. By investing in the next generation, we are investing in our future. Your donation can change a life. Please consider giving today through our secure web site, or by donating an unused instrument that may be sitting in your closet, or by volunteering your professional services. We welcome all interest in the Foundation and look forward to sharing more with you about what we are doing.

Most Sincerely,



Introducing our new group of musicians, the Charlotte Chamber Soloists!  Contact us to have them perform at a venue near you!