Amber Joy Carpenter is a professional harpist and vocalist. She has performed across the United States and abroad, and currently serves as the president of the Charlotte Chapter of the American Harp Society. She also teaches private lessons to both children and adults, and personally knows the incredible potential music has to touch people’s hearts and change their lives for the better. Working to provide her students with enriching musical oppportunities and seeing them advance to the highest levels of excellence are central to Amber’s mission as a teacher. She currently works with the foundation to help organize concerts and educational opportunities for children in the Charlotte area. Amber’s ultimate goal in life is to encourage the growth of beautiful music so that it will enrich people's lives and honor the Lord in its beauty and excellence. She is delighted to be able to serve within the foundation to see this goal be furthered in the lives of students of the arts.

Sean C. Murray is a founding partner in Masterbuilder Fellowship for the Built Environment, Incorporated, a design-build group established in 1994 to reintroduce  the ancient masterbuilder - one who is a trained artist and expert craftsman- to modern life. Sean's entire professional career has been dedicated to bringing God's beauty to people's every day lives through affordability and excellence in the building arts. He joined the Board in 2010 with the conviction that children's lives can be changed through the arts, regardless of personal circumstance. Sean is currently involved in developing board membership and establishing a legacy funding campaign to ensure the foundation's mission for years to come.

Jenny McCain is also a co-founder of The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art, Inc. 501(c)(3). She is a teacher and reading specialist residing in Traverse City, Michigan, but her passion to support the many talented young people in Charlotte led her on this journey to support her friend and fellow founder. She currently teaches grade school in the public schools and is also a sailing instructor.  She sings with her local community college choir and finds that it vastly enriches her life. She hopes you might share in her joy, experiencing how supporting a young artist or musician is one of the highest callings to bring about beauty in a world created by the most beautiful thing of all, our great God.

Deborah Neuhs is co-founder of The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art, Inc. 501(c)(3). Her love of art and music along with her desire to see all children have access to the arts moved her to establish the Foundation in 2008 as a resource for scholarship assistance to students in need. Deborah is owner of Handcrafted Art, LLC, a studio located in Waxhaw, North Carolina, where she has been teaching art and music for over 15 years. She also manages About Color, LLC, a small textile design company that weaves custom textiles for interior designers. Deborah's desire is to share beauty with others and help bring that beauty into both their lives and their homes. Through all her endeavors, she seeks to give glory to God who she knows as the source of all beauty.

Who We Are - The Executive Board

  • Summer Camp Grant - This award is given to assist an art or music student to attend a summer camp. 

  • ​Private Lessons Grant - This award is given to assist an art or music student to attend lessons. 

  • Musical Instruments and Art Supplies Grant - This award is given to assist in the purchase or donation of musical instruments or art supplies.  

  • Local University Grant - This award is given to assist with tuition and fees. 

  • Special Projects Grant - This award is given to projects promoting the advancement of art or music in the Charlotte area, not limited to students or individuals, but open to groups and organizations. 

About the Foundation

​We are so honored to be able to offer support to young artists and musicians. We understand how great the financial needs can be for art and music students and so the foundation strives to serve as many children as possible.  Assistance is based on merit as well as financial need.  The applicant may request a grant up to $500.

Listed here are the varieties of grants we offer through the foundation:

Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art, Inc. 501(c)(3)

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Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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Guidelines: The applicant must be a current student actively pursuing art or music, unless applying for the Special Projects Grant.  The applicant must live in or actively support music in Charlotte or within a 50-mile radius of Charlotte.