Brush Strokes and Music Notes!

Growing Creatively through Sight and Sound!

Brush Strokes and Music Notes, 2016 from Jennifer McCain on Vimeo.

Steps for Registering:

1. Download the Registration from the blue button below, "Download Registration Form."

2. Fill out the registration form and save the form on your computer with the first and last name of your child as the name of the document (you should do this on a computer rather than a mobile device or tablet).

3. Upload your completed registration form (the one with your child's name as the title) by clicking the gray "Upload" button below.  Fill in your (parent) name and email address as well so that we can contact you if there are any errors in the registration form, then click "submit".

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Please email us at if you have any questions or need help with this process.  We know this may be tricky, and we are here to help!  Thank you for your interest in our camp!

This summer camp will provide children a creative environment where they can explore various skills in both music and art.

Children will be learning core musical skills such as performing in a group, understanding basic music reading and ear training, and following a conductor, as well as learning introductory conducting themselves.  They will be involved in a choir as well as an introductory class to violin.

Children will also participate in studio art classes.  These will cover the building blocks of visual art, including color, line, shape, value, and perspective. Children will learn how to incorporate these skills into their own drawings and paintings, which they will make during camp.  They will practice these techniques with the instructor, and also be introduced to masterpieces made by famous artists as inspiration.

Brief art and music technique lessons will be incorporated into each day to help students understand some of the fascinating ties between art and music.

Who – Children ages 6-14 with some musical background – can include music lessons of any sort, or involvement in any musical groups within the community

When – August 6-10, 2018 from 9:30 am to 3 pm

Where – Queens University campus in Charlotte, $175 per student for the week (funded in part by the Charlotte Area Foundation and the Friendship Fund) - price increases to $195 per student on April 1st, and $205 per student on July 22nd. 

Instructors – Amber Carpenter, professional harpist and singer in the Charlotte Symphony Chorus; Deborah Neuhs, teaching artist and owner of Handcrafted Art; Dawn Carpenter, professional pianist, violinist, and music educator; and Jenny McCain, school teacher and amateur artist and musician

Our goals are that you gain…

  • An opportunity to grow in music theory & musicality through studies in voice and violin. 
  • An understanding of various fine arts and technique. 
  • Further experience in a chosen elective to more deeply study an aspect of fine craft or poetry with illustration.

Come create with us!

Brush Strokes & Music Notes Payment Options (plus $3 PayPal fee)

Want to be a part of the camp as a volunteer?  Please fill out an application below to let us know your interests in helping, and we will be in touch shortly.  And thank you!

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