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Hosted in partnership with the Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina

The study of art opens students’ eyes to the beauty of the world around them and teaches them things about technique, color, composition, unity, harmony and order. Six pieces have been selected from the Mint Museum’s collection to highlight as part of the 2019 Excellence in Art Award (See the "Excellence in Art Award Description" button to the right for access to these images).

Students select one of the pieces featured as their inspiration for an original 2-D work of art. Students are strongly urged to visit The Mint Museum Uptown to view the works of art. Students will study the selected piece either independently or with the assistance of a teacher, identifying key elements or strengths in the work that they apply to their own composition of a similar theme. Some of the elements students can consider are technique, style, use of color, line, pattern, balance, unity and composition. Please note, students are not copying the artist’s work but learning from the expertise and applying that knowledge to their own work of art in the same genre as the chosen artist; either landscape, still life, or portrait. Students may use graphite, pen, ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, mixed media, or gauche.

All students’ work will be blind judged by a group of artists, art educators, and art enthusiasts from the community based on these three key criteria:

1) Technical skill and quality of workmanship
2) Application of the key element(s) they learned from the chosen piece
3) Emphasis on making an artistic work that reflects the style and character of the chosen piece

1) All work must be 2D
2) Works of art must be matted. Mats must be white.
3) Maximum size 18x20 matted. Pieces must be lightweight. No canvas frames or glass.
4) Students will submit works online digitally along with an application including student name, title of work, materials, school and grade level. They must also submit a brief artist’s statement, 150 words or less, describing how they were inspired by their chosen work and the ways in which they incorporated the knowledge they gained into their own piece.

Entry into the 2019 Excellence in Art Award is open to all K-12 grade students in Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, and Cabarrus counties.

First, second, third place awards and honorable mentions are available in each category and grade based on the criteria standards. Judges reserve the right to give awards as they deem worthy. Hence, if an entry does not meet their qualifications, they reserve the right not to give an award in a particular category. All awards recipients will receive a “Certificate of Excellence in Art” award and will be featured in The Mint Museum’s STAR Gallery. First place winners will also be featured on The Mint Museum’s website. Award winners and their families will be invited to a private reception at The Mint Museum Uptown to celebrate their work.

​Grade Awards
1) K-2
2) 3-5
3) 6-8
4) 9-12

Category Awards:
1) Landscape
2) Portrait

3) Still Life

All the artwork will be judged electronically. Students will submit an application and upload a digital image to the The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art’s web site.


March 15, 2019: Deadline for Student Entries
First week in May: Winners are announced through this web site
June 10th, 2019: Winners drop off pieces to the Mint Museum Uptown
June 19th, 2019: Award reception at the Mint Museum Uptown for winners and the community

July 16th, 2019: Winners pick up pieces from the Mint Museum Uptown

Download a printable Excellence in Art Award description, as well as the Application form, below. Submit application and a digital picture of your finished artwork through the form below. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application or submission process, email our technology department.

If you have any clarifying questions about the award process or your artwork, email our president. We welcome your inquiries and encourage you to seek the highest excellence in your artwork possible!

Excellence in Art Award

Detailed Steps to Apply for the Excellence in Art Award

Step 1: Download the "Excellence in Art Description" and "Application Form" and read both thoroughly.

Step 2: Choose one of the 6 pieces of artwork we have designated as your chosen piece to study (in the "Excellence in Art Description").

​Step 3: Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Mint Museum Uptown to view these images in person. Visit the Mint Museum website to view the images more closely as well. Observe technique, style, use of color, line, pattern, balance, unity, and composition. 

Step 4: Students take what they have learned through their chosen piece and incorporate that into an original work of art that reflects the style and character of the chosen piece. 

Step 5: Download the Application Form and save it to your computer with a new title that includes your name. Completely fill out this form and save. Then return to this website to upload the saved application to our website. Also include an image of your work. This must be completed by March 15, 2019.